Casio 140 CR
Instant switchover to daylight-saving time By pushing a few keys, standard time can be switched over to daylight-saving time, and vice versa.

3 ways to tender payment Add-in and Add-on tax system makes the whole tax operation simple and fast. Taxable status can be easily assigned to each department.

Calculator function The calculator mode allows the 120CR to become a calculator. Simply turn the mode key to ""CAL"" and you can use it as calculator. Calculation results will not affect any totalizers.

EURO The EURO function can automatically convert amount in local currency to amount in EURO currency with the symbol printed, and vice versa.

Neatly arranged keyboard Ergonomically designed keyboard can optimize efficiency of keyboard operation. Removable key caps can make possible to have customized description of keys.
Operating Temperature 0-40 degrees centigrade

Input method Numeric ten-key (buffer memory for 6 keys/2 key roll-over)

No. of departments 4

Printing method Drum-serial printing

Backup method AA size manganese battery x 3

Printing speed 2.4 lines/sec.

Backup period approx. 1 year

Display (operator) 7-segment x 8 digits

Input AC 120V Maximum 0.09 A, stand-by 0.06A

Input AC 230V Maximum 0.06 A, stand-by 0.04A

Humidity 10 to 90%RH

Dimensions with small drawer 330 (W) x 360 (D) x 222 (H) mm