Cells divide and reproduce in two ways, mitosis and meiosis. If a cell with a 2N of 12 chromosomes underwent meiotic division, how many chromatids would be in the sex cells? Sex Cells One of the fundamental and truly unique characteristics of all organisms is their ability to reproduce. Meiosis does this in two important ways. The gametes unite to produce a diploid zygote that grows into a sporophyte spore-producing plant , thus completing the cycle. No ordinary cell skin or bone is capable of such a feat.
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Chapter 4: Cell Reproduction

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Reproduction, the genome and gene expression

It is said that the male determines the sex of the child. Meiosis is a process by which haploid sex cells are produced. This unequal division gives the single egg a larger store of food to supply the developing embryo after fertilization. Abortion keeps welfare usage lower: In humans there are more than 4 million possible arrangements. Indeed Meiosis II is very similar to mitosis.
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Fertilization terminology: gametes, zygotes, haploid, diploid (video) | Khan Academy

This condensation in shape occurs during cell replication. For almost all multicellular animals, including vertebrates, practically the whole of the life cycle is spent in the diploid state: The process that produces haploid sex cells? The diploid number right over here. Sexual reproduction also allows the many deleterious mutations that accumulate randomly to be eliminated, while permitting the rare advantageous mutations that arise in separate individuals to be combined in a single individual. Many protists reproduce by mitosis until their environment deteriorates, then they undergo sexual reproduction to produce a resting zygotic cyst. Figure A peacock displaying his elaborate tail.
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Labeled Plant Cell Diagram and Functions. Events in prophase and metaphse I. Without meiosis, the number of chromosomes per cell would double in each generation of offspring, leading to unstable conditions that could threaten the viability of a species. This phenomonon is common. Thus, cell division stops at metaphase, allowing a good view of the spread chromosomes.
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A process that produces haploid sex cells


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